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New look, same team at EDR

Ever since start-up of Engine Deck Repair in 1999, EDR has exceeded clients' expectations and never stopped looking towards the horizon. In 2015, EDR became full owners and managers of the drydocking facilities in the port of Antwerp, in the Heart of Europe.

Over the past years, a multi-million investment program has been implemented at the shipyard in Antwerp in order to renew and expand the infrastructures.

The combination of the new wide range of activities, expertise and investments is now introducing the new commercial name of Engine Deck Repair nv.

It is important to underline to all stakeholders that there is no change in management of the company. The aim is to increase the awareness of the drydocking and construction activities in the port of Antwerp.

The investments both in infrastructure as well as in the new brand emphasize the excellent recent financial results and show confidence in the future of our company.



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