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C-LEANSHIP is a leading provider of sustainable underwater services. Lead by an established team with years of experience in the shipping industry, C-LEANSHIP is committed to delivering the highest standard of underwater services for the global shipping community, reducing the spreading of invasive species and CO2 for a better environment. 

Underwater Hull Cleaning & Inspections using ROV
C-LEANSHIP is an underwater service provider using state-of-the-art Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) to deliver hull cleaning & inspections. They continuously develop and operate their own systems to create the best service available.

Reduce spreading of invasive species and CO2
C-LEANSHIP is very focused on the environmental impact of their company. Their ShipShiner system is developed to have the highest level of collection and filtration and the system allows them to meet global requirements.

Servicing and bunkering during a port call
C-LEANSHIP has the ability & flexibility to provide their services in terminals while vessels are doing cargo & bunkering operations. This ensures that your vessel is maintained and services during a normal port call and no will be lost.

Exact documentation of cleaned area with the DCL
With their navigation and Digital Cleaning Log, they can clean both sides of a vessel in terminals, during bunkering and cargo operation without risk for personnel, equipment, and vessel.
Their DCL also allows them to create cleaning reports with pictures and video from exact locations. This allows customers to see how their hull and paint perform between cleanings.

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