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Gulf Marine Repair

Gulf Marine Repair specializes in the repair, conversion and modification of large ocean-going commercial vessels, tugs and barges, dredges, small ships, harbor tugs, as well as U.S. Coast Guard, MARAD, USACE and NOAA vessels.



The Scotia: 200 x 34 x 6 m. Maximum Disp.:  10,000 L.T. (Floating dock)
The F.M. Hendry: 87 x 18 x 6 m. Maximum Disp.: 2,500 L.T. (Floating dock)

The A.W. Hendry: 107 x 23 x 8 m. Maximum Disp.:  4,500 L.T. (Floating dock)

The Pride: 77 x 20 x 7 m. Maximum Disp.:  1,500 L.T. (Floating dock)

Total berth length: 1200 m

Gulf Marine Repair values their employees above all else and do not compromise on maintaining a safe and healthy workplace environment. 


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