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San Giorgio del Porto

San Giorgio del Porto S.p.A. (SGdP) is a legacy shipyard with advanced facilities, having operated in the ship repair industry since 1928. Nowadays, SGdP is a global point of reference for the repair and conversion of all ship types, ro-pax vessel upgrades, as well as mid-range vessel construction projects. 

No. 1: 170 x 24,30 x 7,60 m (Drydock)

No. 2: 108/68 x 16 x6,60 m (Drydock)

No. 3: 200 x 30 x 8,90 m (Drydock)

No. 4: 267 x 40 x 11,40 m (Drydock)

No. 5: 249 x 38 x 8,90 m (Drydock)

Website SGDP

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