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Chantier Naval de Marseille

Chantier Naval de Marseille is a ship repair yard with advanced and well-equipped facilities, a highly skilled workforce, a wide network of specialists and strong teamwork ethic. Strategically located in Marseille, close to major Mediterranean terminals, CNdM benefits from the proximity of a competitive maritime and industrial hinterland and is ideally positioned to support the needs of the maritime, offshore and renewable energy sectors.


CNdM was founded in April 2010 by San Giorgio del Porto to operate dry-docks No. 8 and 9 of GPMM - Grand Port Maritime de Marseille (Marseille Port Authority) and from 2016 dry-dock No. 10, the biggest graving dock in the Mediterranean sea. Despite its relatively young age, the yard draws on a long and venerable legacy. The yard focus on repairs and conversions.

No. 8: 320 x 50 x 11,7 m (Dock)
No. 9: 250 x 37 x 8,7 m (Dock) 
No. 10: 465 x 85 x 10 m (Dock) 

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