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About JML as a shipyard agent


JML Shipyard Agency is a family owned company that was started by Jens and Markus Larsson (JML) in Fjällbacka, Sweden 2011. With over 30 years of experience in the marine business and a lot of contacts all over the world, they were convinced that they could offer a product as a shipyard agent that would be attractive for both shipyards worldwide and shipowners in the Scandinavian market. 

The goal from the beginning, which still applies, is to have a close and personal relationship with all stakeholders and, through a vast experience of the business, assist owners and managers towards a successful repair, conversion or new building project. 

This approach has been successful and there are now four employees in the company with a vast number of references worldwide. The office is located just by the sea (picture) in the middle of Fjällbacka. 

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