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Fujian Huadong Shipyard

Luoyuan Bay locates among the port clusters of South-east coastal areas of China and faces the vital sea routes-Taiwan Strait to the east. Surrounded by mountains, the Bay has a water area of about 200 square kilometers. Incomparable advantages of the Bay are deep water, broad expanse, calm wave and gentle water-flow, mud free and ice free etc. It is now one of the key deep-water port areas in Fujian Province. The natural condition and the location advantages provided by its geographic position are quite favorable for the shipyard to extend the safest and most convenient ship repairing service to vessels home and abroad.

No. 1: 295 x 50 x 14,4 m (Drydock)

No. 2: 375 x 72 x 14,9 m (Drydock)

No. 3: 245 x 41,8 x 13,9 m (Drydock)

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