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JML has signed agreement with Astander and Astican

JML has signed an agreement with Spanish shipyards Astander and Astican. The agreements means that JML will represent both shipyards towards the Swedish, Danish and Finnish marine market. - Both Astander and Astican are well respected, so these collaborations are in line with our strategy of representing first-class shipyards. We are very pleased to have signed these agreements and looking forward to long and prosperous relationships, says Markus Larsson, Partner, JML. Astican is a privately owned ship repair yard located in the Canary Islands, on the West Coast of Africa. Well experienced staff and subcontractors provide the capabilities to perform repairs, maintenance and conversions on all types of vessels and/or offshore units. Astander is located at the southern end if the Port of Santander, on the north coast of Spain. The shipyard has over 130 years of successful experience in all types of conversion and ship repairs.


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