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Gryfia can look at a busy 2019 and a bright 2020

2019 was a busy year for Gryfia. The shipyard did work on 148 vessels of various types belonging to ship-owners from Germany, Scandinavia, Greece, the Netherlands, Turkey and Norway. In addition to traditional class repairs and repair work, shipyard workers from Gryfia implemented Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS) by recognized world producers such as: Wartsila, ALFA Laval, Opitmarin and BIO-SEA. Work was carried out in the floating-docks, which includes Poland’s largest floating-dock no.5 with the deadweight of 17 000 tons.

The yard is looking at a bright 2020 by receiving an increased interest from shipowners to have repairs carried out. 2020 will also be a year of scheduled investments aimed to strengthening its production capacity and increasing its competitiveness. Gryfia have also decided to start using its previous logo, a symbol that has been used for almost 60 years and represents a tradition, experience and quality.

JML Shipyard Agency is agent in Sweden, Denmark and Finland for Gryfia shipyard.


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