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Drydocks World launches digital transformation program built on IFS Cloud platform

Drydocks World is embracing the future by launching a digital transformation project to enhance its core systems to deliver operational efficiencies and improved customer service. The transformation project will leverage IFS Cloud to meet its growing enterprise resource planning and asset management needs. The transformation project will enhance Drydocks World’s critical business systems and will set the ground for Drydocks World’s digital shipyard transition: facilitating more streamlined processes, enhanced integration between systems, and expanded use of real-time data to drive optimized decision-making across the organization. In addition, the project will enhance the core technologies like RFID devices, and make use of emerging technologies, such as augmented reality and robotics, which can be easily embedded into the IFS solutions. The IFS solution will modernize and automate the current production and operation capabilities at Drydocks World, consolidating the current core systems and processes into one single product built on a common platform. The asset management and manufacturing modules of the IFS solution will increase complete transparency and automation at Drydocks World shipyards for new builds and repairs. Drydocks World Chief Executive Officer, Capt. Rado Antolovic , PhD, said that “this digital transformation program is important to ensure we deliver world-class service. With this new system, our people will be better equipped to do their jobs by working with real-time data, integrative platforms, and improved knowledge-sharing that will enable them to focus on the areas of their expertise. We chose IFS for its industry experience and expertise, as well as its best in class product capabilities.” IFS Middle East and South Asia Managing Director Mehmood Khan commented that “IFS is honored to be selected by Drydocks World as its digital platform of choice, as it embarks on this ambitious and exciting initiative. We look forward to helping Drydocks World harness our managed cloud services to simplify deployment and reduce total cost of ownership with a more environmentally sustainable, cloud-based solution”.


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