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Chengxi delivers scrubber projects

Most Chines ship repair yards have had a busy year 2019 due to all scrubber projects. It´s been a challenge for the yards to handle the workload due to labour shortage of steel and pipe fitters. Chengxi Shipyard has managed to organize the workload and have delivered scrubber installation on time to owners’ satisfaction.

Most Chinese yards have been overloaded with scrubber projects during 2019, many with delays as a result. Chengxi Shipyard has delivered projects to owners’ satisfaction. One of the reasons for this is that they have received early bookings from shipping companies and therefore been able to plan the work load.

Dampskibsselskabet NORDEN was one of the shipping companies that predicted the hot market and made early booking at Chengxi Shipyard for their scrubber projects. In total, Chengxi successfully completed scrubber installations on five NORDEN ships during the period August to December 2019.

The hot market will continue during 2020 and Chengxi will continue to ask for early bookings in order to deliver successful projects in time.


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