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Astander (agent Denmark, Sweden & Finland)

Astander is located at the southern end of the Port of Santander, on the north coast of Spain. The yard has more than 130 years of successful experience in all types of conversion and ship repairs. Our Safety, Quality and Technical standards keep us among the leading ship repair yards in the world.  ASTANDER high specialization in upgradings and conversions makes us a major candidate in the market for complex conversion projects.


No. 1: 160 x 23,8 x 5,5 m (Drydock), Cranes: 2 x 30 t     
No. 2: 230 x 32 x 8,5 m (Drydock), Cranes: 1 x 200 t, 1 x 40 t, 1 x 15 t                           
Berths: 2 x 160 m, Cranes: 1 x 15 t, 1 x 25 t

Website Astander

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